Authentic Greek products

The company “G.I. Attica Food” is engaged in the trade of the first cold pressing Extra Virgin olive oil and of different varieties and types of olives from the most favorable regions for their growth in Greece, such as Crete, P.G.I. Chania (P.G.I. – protected geographical indication), P.D.O. Kolymvari, P.D.O. Sitia, P.D.O. Peza (P.D.O. – protected designation of origin) and the Peloponnese peninsula, P.D.O. Kalamata, Messinia, known for its fertile soil, healthy climate and the world-popular olives of  the Koroneiki variety.

Our products have a high value because of the age of the olive trees, it has been estimated that they are many centuries old, in combination to the use of traditional methods of harvesting and oil extraction that have also existed for many centuries. The oil is bottled and packed using special technology with the latest equipment under strict quality control. The oil is stored in sealed drums in a cool dark place that allows you to maintain the quality of the oil during the year. Thus, the acidity of our oil does not exceed 0.2% – 0.4% throughout the year so the oil keeps a rich flavor and all its useful properties.

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